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Q: What’s your vision?
A: To create a meaningful connection between people and brands by

using creativity, media and innovation. I have a passion to collaborate

with like-minded people to produce exceptional work.


Q: If you were a brand, which one would you be?
A: Nike. I share the 'Just Do It' mantra and the way they roll - they are
unique, consistent, sporty, simple and of high quality.


Q: Why freelanCE?
A: For me it is the perfect way to bring all the things I am passionate

about together - content creation, social marketing, travel and photography.

Q: why am I your girl?

A: It started off with my event marketing diploma. The past 12 years,

I have been spending my days and nights in communication

agencies, later companies specializing in project management.
Working for various brands and industries, slowly made me an international marketing expert. The most recent addition to my list

of skills is social marketing.
Oh, and I know the automotive industry by heart.


Q: Fun Fact?
A: Wayne Gretzky was the reason I started playing ice-hockey.


Q: What’s your favourite passport stamp and why?

A: Australia. Cape Byron is my sweet spot.


Change is

easy. Improvement

is far



Ferdinand Porsche 

I'd love to hear from you.

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